Why Mbizmarket?

Mbizmarket, B2B Marketplace Trendsetter in Indonesia

Mbizmarket is a B2B Marketplace with the most complete solution for businesses, starting from business transaction solutions, business promotion solutions, e-procurement solutions, up to capital loan solutions for the businesses. With the best system support, the availability of tens of thousands products and also thousand trusted Sellers, is ready to fulfil your company’s procurement needs.

Indonesia Marketplace Trendsetter Focusing in B2B Market (Business to Business)

Mbizmarket provides categories of 10 goods & 9 services to present the most complete catalog for all types of businesses. Starting from MSMEs up to large companies throughout Indonesia can now be connected to B2B transactions. Agents, resellers, distributors, startups, SOEs, are now increasingly easy to find procurement of goods & services in Mbizmarket. Mbizmarket focus on total B2B transaction needs. Not just a large-scale online / wholesale buying and selling platform, Mbizmarket also provides a total online procurement solution of goods and services, that is providing an online approval system, budgeting, shipping monitoring and more. So that your online shopping transaction system can be controlled properly. All online trading transactions are also recorded and stored digitally so as to make it easier for accountability of financial statements when needed.

TOP / Term of Payment (Tempo Payment System) & Contractual System

Through a term of payment system / TOP (Term of payment), buyer can negotiate payments to seller with a certain time period. The contractual system provides a solution so that buyers & sellers do not spend time / energy on the buying and selling system repeatedly. One contract is enough to purchase one year ahead (duration of time can be negotiated).

Capital Loan Financing Solutions for Owners

Mbizmarket also has a capital loan solution in collaboration with financial technology partners to provide capital & fund loans to business people. The aim is to help complete the payment process on time for the buyer’s company, and help the seller’s company receive payments faster so that it can continue production and cash flow stability.

Promotion Solution with B2B Sales Target Focus

Through Mbizmarket, the businesses can promote their products / services specifically to targeted B2B users. A detailed company profile page makes it easy for business partners to get to know your business profile up to your goods / services completely to increase the level of trust of prospective buyers. Make sure your online trading business grows rapidly in the right marketplace. Come join Mbizmarket!

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